brazilian sugar 

while on your period as long as you are wearing a fresh tampon we will not decline service, keep in mind you may be more sensitive to the discomfort of the hair extraction.

the best length of hair for a first time brazilian is exactly 2 weeks after shaving (when the hair is a quarter of an inch

(about the length of a grain of rice) .


Due to the board of barbering and cosmetology

(the establishment that  salons are regulated by for safety and sanitation) we do not trim or cut pubic hair prior to sugar hair removal appointments, please trim to proper length at home if it has been over 4 weeks since shaving or hair removal service . 


custom airbrush tan

Please arrive at your appointment with loose dark clothing & open toed shoes.

The tanning solution only transfers on clothing during the first 8 hours while it develops and only stains nylon and silk.

please let your esthetician know if you have lotion or deodorant on before your tan so they can give you a solution to remove it.

Appointment Booking:

Sweet Cheeks is an online  booking only salon. we typically book up one to two weeks in advanced. there are almost always one or two spots available for same day bookings due to cancellations. we understand that online booking is  not to everyone's liking and gently  remind you that our salon is geared towards those who seek online booking only businesses.  If you have our cell number because you are an existing client please allow us a 24 hour response time.


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