How should I prep my skin for a spray tan?

Prior to coming to your tanning appointment Please be freshly showered and exfoliated. Do not have any lotions, oils, fragrance, makeup or deodorant on the skin.

What should I wear to my tanning appointment?

Please wear loose, dark & breathable clothing. It is best to avoid tight undergarments the day of service if possible.

Does the tanning solution stain my clothing, furniture or bed sheets?

While your tan is developing on the skin prior to rinsing it off it may transfer, however the solution will only stain nylon and silk, we recommend avoiding trying on clothing and sitting on light colored furniture until you rinse off the solution. If you have light colored clothing or bed sheets we recommend a beach towel to protect the material or something you don’t mind the color transfering on.

When should I shower after my tan?

Our most popular solution develops nicest after 8 hours of contact with the skin. We do have a rapid solution and depending on the depth you want we will recommend a time limit the day of your appointment.

Can I still shave or do hair removal services after I get tanned?

If you are going to shave we recommend doing so prior to your appointment however if you shave gently during the duration you have the tan on after it is properly developed it is ok. All depilatory, sugaring, waxing, and any other hair removal services will remove the tan so it is important to schedule those services prior to your tan.

How long does the tan last?

Our tan typically lasts about two weeks depending on proper preparation of the skin and upkeep.

How do I take care of my tan?

After your tan has developed and you have rinsed off the solution, moving forward the more you moisturize your skin with a low alcohol based moisturizer the longer it will last. Chlorine and salt water may make your tan lighten faster.

What are the ingredients in the tanning solution?

Our tan is made with coconut, sugar and naturally derived DHA. It is all natural,vegan and gluten free.

Can I tan while pregnant?

Our tanning solution is safe for use while pregnant as long as long as the ingredients in our tan are okayed by your doctor.

Can I tan while breastfeeding?

You can tan while breastfeeding as long as the breast area is covered. That may leave a tan line so we like to tell you that in advance.

How do I pick a color?

Prior to your appointment we will consult with you about your expectations of the tan, your tanning technician will custom blend a color based on your skin undertone and the look you are going for.

Will I be orange?

Never. All of our tanning solutions counteract orange.

Lash Extensions

Will lash extensions ruin my natural lashes?

No, as long as you do not pick at them and get them removed properly once you no longer wish to have extensions they will just shed with your natural lash shedding cycle.

How often do I need to get lash fills?

Most of our clients get filled every 3 weeks when they avoid chlorine, oiled based eye products and cleanse them properly.

How do I wash my lash extensions?

We will give you cleansing instructions the day of your appointment and have after care products recommended for the lashes we use on site.

What are the extensions made out of?

We use a faux silk lash.

Are the lashes vegan/cruelty free?


How do you remove the lash extensions if I don’t like them?

We offer a lash removal service at the salon that gently removes them without irritating your natural lash follicle.


What’s the difference between sugaring and waxing?

The main difference between sugaring and waxing is the direction we remove the hair from the skin. Sugaring pulls the hair out in the natural direction of growth to avoid breakage and have less trauma to the skin as there is no wax strip necessary ( just the ball of sugar and our gloves). The second difference is that wax needs to be hot and isn't recommended for sensitive skin, sugar is room temperature and only has sugar lemon and water in the ingredients.

Does it hurt?

Most people say because sugaring is so much quicker than waxing and doesn’t have to be hot that it is much more bearable. Also note that your nerves and pain tolerance is slightly lower the week before your menstrual cycle and the week of. It is usually not a problem but we like to give a heads up anyways.

Can I get sugared on my period?

Yes, as long as you come in freshly showered and have a fresh tampon in place.

How long does a sugar Brazilian take?

We book every brazilian for 15 minutes but are known for doing them in less than ten if it is not your first time being sugared.

What are the ingredients?

Sugar, lemon & water.

How long does my hair need to be?

A quarter of an inch is the perfect length, any shorter and the hair may not be picked up and two much longer and it may tangle in the ball of sugar. Think long grain of rice.

How many weeks after shaving is the right length?

Two full weeks minimum two and a half max.

How long does sugaring last before hair regrowth occurs?

About three weeks

Can I sugar on accutane?

We do not sugar clients who have been on accutane within the past 6 months.

Are there any reasons to avoid sugaring?

If you are on antibiotics or have any type of unresolved skin infection.